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Wojciech Paszynski's III Millenium. From History to the Future

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Captain Wiarus saved. Spectacular action of Colonel Kurzawa. The most famous Home Army (AK) military operation in the Polish Mountains (Podhale)!

Ukraine on Fire? I Wrote About the Russian Threat Already in 2016…

About Sarmatism

Photo by Maciej Szczepańczyk, License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Father Benedict Chmielowski. Who was the Author of the First Polish Encyclopedia?

„Horse Is As Everyone Can See”? About the Misunderstanding of the Specificity of Baroque Scholarship on the Example of a Popular Phrase From the „New Athens”, Symbolizing the Alleged Obscurantism of the Author, Rev. B. Chmielowski, and the Entire Era of Wettin’s Rules in Poland As Well

Benedictus. The Name, Which Became the Blessing

Coat of Arms of Benedict Chmielowski. On the Erroneous Attribution Lingering in Literature

Family. The Origin of the Author of the First Polish Encyclopedia

Illustration source: http://www.jio.pl/projekty/630-m2-dwor/

The Chmielowskis. Genealogy of the Author of the New Athens (Nowe Ateny)

Married to God, but also to Knowledge. Education of Father Benedict Chmielowski

Patrons of the Author of New Athens (Nowe Ateny). Father Benedict Chmielowski at the Court of the Jabłonowski Family

Firlejów Or… New Athens. The City of Father Benedict Chmielowski

Father Benedict Chmielowski And the Windings of the Old Polish Politics

Pietro Rotari, Portret Augusta III, 1755.

The Last Years of the Pioneer of the Polish Enlightenment. A Few Reflections on the Life of Father Benedict Chmielowski

Not Only „New Athens”. The Scope of Interests of Father Benedict Chmielowski

Characteristics of the Work of Father Benedict Chmielowski

The Dispute Over „New Athens”. Reception of the Encyclopedia of Father Benedict Chmielowski

What Do We Know About the Life of Father Benedict Chmielowski?

„New Athens” by Benedict Chmielowski on the Background of the Period

The Clash of Titans. Greece vs Persia

Dracula’s Trial


Wojciech Paszynski's III Millenium. From History to the Future